Selected Publications

Pharmacoeconomic Publications

Bath-Hextall F, Ozolins M, Armstrong S, Colver G, Perkins W, Miller PSJ, Williams HC. Surgery versus Imiquimod for Nodular Superficial basal cell carcinoma (SINS) study group Surgical excision versus imiquimod 5% cream for nodular and superficial basal-cell carcinoma (SINS): a multicentre, non-inferiority, randomised controlled trial. Lancet Oncol. 2014 Jan;15(1):96-105

Duggan AE, Elliott CA, Miller P, Hawkey CJ, Logan RFA. Clinical trial: a randomized trial of early endoscopy, H.pylori testing and empirical therapy for the management of dyspepsia in primary care. Aliment Pharmacol Ther, 2009; 29: 55-68

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Miller PSJ, Smith DG, Jones P. Cost-effectiveness of rosuvastatin in treating patients to LDL-cholesterol goals compared with atorvastatin, pravastatin and simvastain: analysis of the STELLAR trial. American Journal of Cardiology 2005; 95(11): 38-43.

Miller PSJ, Andersson F, Kalra L. Stroke Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation: is the Cost-Effectiveness of Anticoagulation Underestimated? Stroke 2005; 36:360-366.

Miller PSJ. Role of Pharmacoeconomic Analysis in R&D Decision Making: When, Where, How?. PharmacoEconomics 2005; 23(1): 1- 12.

Parkin D, McNamee P, Jacoby A, Miller P, Thomas S, Bates D. A cost-utility analysis of interferon beta for multiple sclerosis. Health Technology Assessment, 1998; Vol.2: no.4

Occupational Health Economics

Miller P, Rossiter P, Nuttall D. Demonstrating the economic value of occupational health. Occupational Medicine 2002; 52 (8): 477- 483. (Best paper award Occuptaional Medicine 2002)

Miller P, Whynes D, Reid A. Economic evaluation of the occupational health service provided by Boots PLC. Occupational Medicine, 2000, 50 (3): 159-163. (Best paper award Occuptaional Medicine 2000)

Miller, P. and Haslam, C. Why employers spend money on employee health: interviews with occupational health and safety professionals from British Industry. Safety Sci, 2009; 47(2):163-169 

Miller P, Murphy, S. Demonstrating the economic value of investments in health at work: not just a measurement problem. Occupational Medicine, 2006; (9): 3-5 

Health Service Research

Thomas KS, Miller P, Doherty, M, Muir KR, Jones, AC, O’Reilly, SC. Cost effectiveness of a 2-year home exercise programme for the treatment of knee pain. Arthritis Care and Research 2005; 53(3):388-394

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Miller P. In economics as well as medicine prevention is better than cure? Age and Ageing 2004; 33: 1-2. 

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Fleming S, Blake H, Gladman J, Hart E, Lymbery M, Dewey M, McCloughry H, Walker M, Miller P. A RCT of a care home rehabilitation service to reduce long-term institutionalisation for elderly people. Age & Ageing 2004 33: 384-390.

CAPC Study: Counselling versus Antidepressant Therapy for the Treatment of Mild to Moderate Depression in Primary care:

Chilvers C, Dewey M, Fielding K, Gretton V, Miller P, Palmer B, Weller D, Churchill R, Williams I, Bedi N, Duggan C, Lee A, Harrison G. Antidepressant drugs and generic counselling for treatment of major depression in primary care: randomised trial with patient preference arms. British Medical Journal. 2001 Mar 31;322(7289):772.

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LBP Study: Radiography of the lumbar spine in primary care patients with low back pain:

Kendrick D, Fielding K, Bentley E, Kerslake R, Miller P, Pringle M. Radiography of the lumbar spine in primary care patients with low back pain: randomised controlled trial. British Medical Journal. 2001 Feb 17;322(7283):400-5.

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